Acoustic Panels & Acoustic Foam are the perfect solution of
lowering noise levels & eliminating echoes.

Sound Absorbing Acoustic Foam Products

Acoustic Ceiling Panels
Acoustic Waves
Printed Acoustic Panels
Acoustic Wall Panels
Acoustic Baffles
Coloured Acoustic Panels
Acoustic Circles
Custom Acoustic Panels
Acoustic Applications

Acoustic foam solutions that enhance room acoustics and vocal clarity

SoundFix Acoustics is a company that is passionate about improving room acoustics. Too often people find themselves in a room for long periods of time where they often experience problems such as:

1. Not being able to hear a conversation because the room is too noisy

2. Being distracted by the echo in a room

3. Students experiencing poor learning outcomes due to poor classroom acoustics

4. Staff question the value of office conference calls due to poor boardroom         acoustics

5. Staff in call centres are having to talk loudly over their colleges to be heard by a client

6. Restaurants experience complaints from customers about excessive noise levels

7. Noise from air-conditioning units or compressors


Products we offer to clients to resolve stressful acoustic problems are:

1. Acoustic Panels

2. Coloured Acoustic Foam

3. Acoustic Baffles

4. Printed Acoustic Panels

5. Acoustic Wall Panels

6. Acoustic Foam Solutions

7. Acoustic Waves



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